Slieve League Visitor Centre

Bogman HQ is delighted to announce that they have been selected to be retailed in Donegal’s new Slieve League Visitor Centre.
You can now keep you noggin toasty and your hair in place while viewing one of Donegal’s most beautiful scenes along Ireland’s Famous Wild Atlantic Way.
If you have purchased a Bogman beanie here then congratulations you have great taste. If you passed up the opportunity all is not lost. You can purchase a Bogman Beanie and have it delivered to your own doorstep for free! How cool is that!

Ireland’s Back Road Adventured

A Bogman Beanie eco friendly wool hat is humans best friend whe it comes to exploring and seeking out the back roads and trails in Ireland.

Bogman beanies are light to carry, they are easily stuffed into your back pocket and can be pulled out when ever nature starts to play.

The unique design of the 2×2 rib in organic wool enables your Bogman beanie to remain in place should a randome breeze catch you off guard and the natural breathable wool fibers ensure you stay warm if things start to get a wee bit chilly.

our team members have found it particularly useful when visiting Donegal’s Slieve League or on a road trip to the  cliffs of Mohr.


Pompoms on beanie hats have seen 4 winter seasons and here in Donegal Pom beanies are a permanent feature through out the year. At Bogman HQ we are now hand making our pompoms using our Aran wool yarn and traditional tequniques. This enables our products complete authenticity,sustainability and 100% Irish.

The Red One

The Red One

Pure Wool and easy to wash

Irish wool beanies are the must have for the Winter this 2017. Made from 100% pure virgin wool and made in Co.Donegal Ireland the Bogman Beanie is the number 1 choice for all year round style. Ideal for outdoor adventures.
The 2×2 rib helps to keep the hat in shape and whether you hand wash or throw in the machine at 30C and line or radiator dry your wool beanie will stay stretchy. so even on those days when your out having a big adventure and your hat gets covered in snow or its just pouring from the heavens your BOGMAN will not loose its shape.
the added advantege of a pure wool hat is that wool will keep your skin or in this case head dry because of the unique properties that the wool fibers have to offer!

Hanna 9 Crows

Bogman goes to Dublin

Temple Bog

The Bogman crew to the 3.5hr Trip to Dublin, more specifically the Temple Bar section.  It was our first trip to

Independent Retailers Dublin

Dublin City so we were full of interest and excitement as to what we might find there.  We were not disappointed.

Temple Bar compares with Height Street in San Francisco, Cockburn Street in Edinburgh. Vibrant, Exciting, Creative and Divergant.

The area is alive with culture and youth. Loads of Small Independant Businesses, the smell of pot hanging in the air mingeling with the sound of Irish music and the swish of steam and clink of cultlery coming from the coffee shops. Of course we felt right at home!

On Crow Street we fell in Love with Shopella and in 9 Crow Street, a vintage clothing store I saw a distinc similarity to my own closet! (Clearly I’m now a part of the time somethings of quality were produced …the 80’s???!!!)

Clearly metallics are IN This season

Hanna 9 CrowsThe lovely Hanna at work in 9 Crows

Noahs Adventures in Glenveagh Park

Noah’s Adventures

Glenveigh National Park

This weekend Noah said to his Mamie “lets go” here they are at Glenveagh

Mamie is stylin her very own BOGMAN BEANIE in groovy merino natural pink with raspberry pom

poor aul’ daddy just gets to take the photos and he doesn’t even have his own BOGMAN BEANIE 😱.

Noah says that the best time to be outdoors in Donegal is in the Autumn ’cause the colours are amazing and he gets to wear his wool beanie keeps his wee head cozy

Sea Legs

Hats on heads

Camilla and Keiran from DNK Media

Camilla an Keiran Kelly on location

wear their Bogman Beanies whenever they have an on location moment. Especially when heading out to the islands around the Donegal coast line.

A Bogman Beanie is your best friend when your spending anytime outdoors in Ireland, made from real wool it will hold up to 30 times its own weight in water, thus allowing you to keep your head in stormy seas! Check out DNK




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SWAG  where are all the cute girls at

Hipster girls be stylin their Bogman in all the HOT locations. Whether your HOt, hipster, groovy, cool or just have your own way of dressing our Bogman Beanies are the ultimate in accessories. Never out of fashion in Ireland!