Pompoms on beanie hats have seen 4 winter seasons and here in Donegal Pom beanies are a permanent feature through out the year. At Bogman HQ we are now hand making our pompoms using our Aran wool yarn and traditional tequniques. This enables our products complete authenticity,sustainability and 100% Irish.

The Red One

The Red One

Pure Wool and easy to wash

Irish wool beanies are the must have for the Winter this 2017. Made from 100% pure virgin wool and made in Co.Donegal Ireland the Bogman Beanie is the number 1 choice for all year round style. Ideal for outdoor adventures.
The 2×2 rib helps to keep the hat in shape and whether you hand wash or throw in the machine at 30C and line or radiator dry your wool beanie will stay stretchy. so even on those days when your out having a big adventure and your hat gets covered in snow or its just pouring from the heavens your BOGMAN will not loose its shape.
the added advantege of a pure wool hat is that wool will keep your skin or in this case head dry because of the unique properties that the wool fibers have to offer!

Sea Legs

Hats on heads

Camilla and Keiran from DNK Media

Camilla an Keiran Kelly on location

wear their Bogman Beanies whenever they have an on location moment. Especially when heading out to the islands around the Donegal coast line.

A Bogman Beanie is your best friend when your spending anytime outdoors in Ireland, made from real wool it will hold up to 30 times its own weight in water, thus allowing you to keep your head in stormy seas! Check out DNK




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Bogman Beanie Ireland

Why I need my Bogman Beanie

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Glassagh on the map

Where to find Bogman Beanie – the Bogman Head Office is based in the very centre of County Donegal. It rains mostly ALL the time here because we are in the hills. We are surrounded sheep hills and more sheep.  I joke a lot about the place but the truth be told it is peaceful and fresh.  True Donegal

We are close to nature and spend most of the time either planning things outdoors or actually outside

Our bog is a main source of Fuel and the turf keeps us warm and keeps the stove running so we can cook

I say this because the inspiration for the Bogman Beanie came mainly from being outside on the farm and in the Bog cutting and saving turf, which is sadly a dying way of life (more on this at a later date)

Bogman Beanie Ireland

Glam Meets Girl

When you arr doing any kind of activity outdoors in Donegal or indeed any part of the world it is important to have the correct clothing as you never know when the weather will change.  The Bogman Beanie was created for this very purpose. Grey Beanie with Purple Pom looking great here on Sheila at GlamMeetsGirl

Nature is important to me.  Ethical products which come from nature blend with the environment and tend to do a better job at keeping you warm and dry and what better than a wool hat to stop the wind from blowing my hair everywhere and sticking to my lipstick/ gloss/ lip balm. Keeps my head toasty without giving me greasy hair and keeps me dry without the rain penetrating through my hat.

If it works for my sheep then surely it will work for me!

Wool has such great qualities as well as being springy and bouncy so it also protects against bumps and knocks better than any man made product would.


New Autumn/Winter

Handmade Beanies

New Autumn/Winter

Bogman Beanie in stone grey
We’ve got you covered

Handmade Beanies from Bogman Beanie

The BOGMAN Beanie is made from Donegal Yarn pure wool sourced right here in County Donegal Ireland. Beanies which allow the air to circulate the head.

Bogman Central

Here at Bogman beanie Central, located in the very centre of County Donegal in the North West corner of Ireland the weather has been drizzley, sunny, warm and humid sometimes windy. Like Forest Gumps mother said about a box of chocolates “you never know what your going to get. Perfect for wearing your Bogman Beanie. Not only will it keep your head warm and dry but if you have long hair it will keep it from blowing into your face.

Im looking at 3 more beanie colours to introduce. Dark navy, Grey and a Dark Flecked Green.
Also have been teaming up with photographer Declan Devlin from Letterkenny who has come up with some AMAZING beanie pictures.