Ireland’s Back Road Adventured

A Bogman Beanie eco friendly wool hat is humans best friend whe it comes to exploring and seeking out the back roads and trails in Ireland.

Bogman beanies are light to carry, they are easily stuffed into your back pocket and can be pulled out when ever nature starts to play.

The unique design of the 2×2 rib in organic wool enables your Bogman beanie to remain in place should a randome breeze catch you off guard and the natural breathable wool fibers ensure you stay warm if things start to get a wee bit chilly.

our team members have found it particularly useful when visiting Donegal’s Slieve League or on a road trip to the  cliffs of Mohr.

The Red One

The Red One

Pure Wool and easy to wash

Irish wool beanies are the must have for the Winter this 2017. Made from 100% pure virgin wool and made in Co.Donegal Ireland the Bogman Beanie is the number 1 choice for all year round style. Ideal for outdoor adventures.
The 2×2 rib helps to keep the hat in shape and whether you hand wash or throw in the machine at 30C and line or radiator dry your wool beanie will stay stretchy. so even on those days when your out having a big adventure and your hat gets covered in snow or its just pouring from the heavens your BOGMAN will not loose its shape.
the added advantege of a pure wool hat is that wool will keep your skin or in this case head dry because of the unique properties that the wool fibers have to offer!