Bogman Beanie Ireland

Why I need my Bogman Beanie

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Glassagh on the map

Where to find Bogman Beanie – the Bogman Head Office is based in the very centre of County Donegal. It rains mostly ALL the time here because we are in the hills. We are surrounded sheep hills and more sheep.  I joke a lot about the place but the truth be told it is peaceful and fresh.  True Donegal

We are close to nature and spend most of the time either planning things outdoors or actually outside

Our bog is a main source of Fuel and the turf keeps us warm and keeps the stove running so we can cook

I say this because the inspiration for the Bogman Beanie came mainly from being outside on the farm and in the Bog cutting and saving turf, which is sadly a dying way of life (more on this at a later date)

Bogman Beanie Ireland

Glam Meets Girl

When you arr doing any kind of activity outdoors in Donegal or indeed any part of the world it is important to have the correct clothing as you never know when the weather will change.  The Bogman Beanie was created for this very purpose. Grey Beanie with Purple Pom looking great here on Sheila at GlamMeetsGirl

Nature is important to me.  Ethical products which come from nature blend with the environment and tend to do a better job at keeping you warm and dry and what better than a wool hat to stop the wind from blowing my hair everywhere and sticking to my lipstick/ gloss/ lip balm. Keeps my head toasty without giving me greasy hair and keeps me dry without the rain penetrating through my hat.

If it works for my sheep then surely it will work for me!

Wool has such great qualities as well as being springy and bouncy so it also protects against bumps and knocks better than any man made product would.


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