Bogman Beanie – Bright Blue


Bright Blue Soft Donegal tweed effect wool

knitted in classic 2×2 rib for extra comfort

hand wash only

100% pure merino wool

men's merino wool hat

men’s merino wool hat

Luxury merino wool for softness and warmth.

Keeping the traditional 2×2 rib with turn up cuff.

One size fits up to 24” head in comfort and style


Merino Wool Hat-bright blue with turn up cuff

Bright Blue color

This soft merino wool hat, skater beanie, watchman’s cap or fisherman’s hat is a classic style.  It has a turn up cuff to provide extra warmth during those cold nights during ships watch.

Merino wool is the softest sheep’s wool and knitted in a 2×2 rib provides comfort and warmth.

This soft merino wool hat is knitted in a bright blue yarn which contains flecks of red and purple.

A classic style knitted in bright blue pure wool

Most outdoor adventures require a knitted hat.

Wool is the professional’s choice of material for outdoor wear for two reasons.

  1. the softness and squishiness of the wool provides a layer of head protection
  2. the unique properties of wool provide insulation during weather extremes. for example- wool will help your body maintain its temperature
Blue Merino

Blue Merino wool hat


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Weight.2 kg