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Bogman Cardigan Charcoal


Bog Cardigan Looks great on Bog Babes


Cardigan by Bogman

Luxury mans cardigan knitted using softest merino wool, sustainable and ethically made in Ireland, features shawl collar and pocket detail. We Do one size only Size Large 42″ chest.

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Luxury Irish knitwear

size: large 42”

size medium 38”

The Bogman Cardigan is luxury knitted in Ireland using soft merino wool.

A cardigan is the cozy choice of celebs and looks fab layered with a T-shirt and flannel shirt. We all love Tom Hardy wearing a cardigan layered with a collarless shirt and knitted waistcoat in the film Lawless.

Ryan Reynolds rocks the shawl neck cardigan with a T-shirt.


Tom CardiganRyan Rocks the shawl neck cardigan


Bog Cardigan


The Cardigan. A timeless piece shown here in peat or turf colour depending on which part of the country your from, style advice is wear it unbuttoned or with the last two buttons undone. The Peat colour is also an excellent choice for wearing to a wake. Comfy casual but with respect.


James Bond

James Bond, ever stylish even when casual


Cardigan by Bogman

Cardigan in Peat colour by bogman looks great on us girls too.

Peat Bog Cardigan

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