Spa Water




Hand knitted in pure wool for raw rugged warmth. This is a limited edition colour for 2020

The Beanie or knitted wool hat, now extremely common form of headgear for all adventurers and outdoor workers and found all over the world where the climate demands a warmth, the knit cap can be found under a multitude of local names. ‘The beanie’ was working apparel associated with farmers and laborours including welders, mechanics, and other tradesmen who needed to keep their hair out of harms way and out of the eyes.
DO Everything – REGRET nothing in your BOGMAN BEANIE


BOGMAN label for wool beanies

BOGMAN labels are hand stitched into all of our garments


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knitted in rugged wool

spa water bogman beanie knitted in raw wool 2×2 rib for extra flexibility and warmth


Limited edition Bogman Beanie for 2020

knitted wool bogman beanie

limited edition knitted wool beanie

A firm favourite  this design is originally based on the hat worn by aul’ farmers and outdoor laborours. Beautifully hand made in Ireland using pure wool this classic beanie hat has a solid colour throughout and also features unique Authentic branding, which is exposed when the rib is folded back.  This popular hat is available in a range of eight classic colours.

Made in Ireland

Authentic BOGMAN label

Deep 2×2 rib

100% Irish wool

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