Merino Wool Sweater-Blue


Blue merino wool will feature as a predominant shade as part of our luxury knit range from The Bog. Inspired by the beautiful blue skies we’ve had over the bog in 2020.

Luxury Merino Sweater

our merino range is a luxury choice of wool. Shorn from the finest health sheep and using the first cut ( the wool closest to the sheep’s skin) it is spun into beautiful yarn.

Here in The Bog we have chosen to make a crew neck design featuring rib cuff and collar detail and offering you 3 sizes

sizes: Small (36)   Medium (38)   Large (42)



Merino Wool Sweater-Bright Blue

Bogman Knitwear presents…

Chunky knit merino wool sweater blue.

This super soft merino wool crew neck sweater is the perfect sweater for your adventures.

Stay groovy while still casual.

The merino wool features teeny tiny flecking detail in purple and red.
we luv wearing this with leggings an wellie boots while working around the farm. The luxury wool choice means it is a classic once in a lifetime purchase.

A go to piece for everyday on the Farm or weekend walks.

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