Born in the bog, made in Donegal

The Bogman Tradition

Bogman Charcoal Cardigan

Boot to the head with this Bogman Charcoal cardigan not just your dads jumper

We believe in the O L D traditions.  The things we’ve seen in dusty attics and old photographs.

We believe in doing N E W things – making new paths and leaving fresh trails.

We believe in biking through woods; braving storms; finding our own way.

We believe in adventure; in climbing sea stacks and ‘a drop of rain never did anyone a bit of harm’.

We believe in skaters, we believe in innovators; turf-diggers and trouble-makers.

We believe in growing our hair long, we believe in cutting it all off and starting all over again.

We believe our wool comes alive with the colours from the mountains and that our hats breathe a life of their own because of it.

We believe in doing things differently and we believe that some things are just too good to change. 




We depend on our peeps to give us feedback about their favourite colours, so feel free to tell us what you like and be a part of the Bogman Beanie Story

My Bogman Beanie keeps me warm and cosy – thank you so much.

Ruth Graham
Graphic Designer & Wilderness Lover